Highland Guitar Studio

Highland Guitar Studio


About the Studio

Highland Guitar Studio is an idea that came about after years of private instruction to students of all ages pursuing all styles. How to best suit the needs of the guitarist? Provide an environment that is specifically tuned to achieving musical goals that the guitarist seeks.


The studio is equipped with multiple professional amplifiers. These are the same rigs that l use on a gig. Multi-effects units, pedal boards and channel switchers are extensions of the guitarist’s instrument. So naturally, they should be incorporated into the lesson.

See full list of studio equipment here.


Recording a demo or just a backing track is now possible with a laptop and audio interface. I currently have Logic Pro and Garageband available on my MacBook Pro. Learning the ropes of recording before you even step into the studio can be extremely valuable.


Making a chart for the band or creating an exercise is possible with Sibelius. I’ve used this for years and can show you how or just get your project into notation.


High speed internet has changed our world in the amount and variety of content we can have at our fingertips. While you certainly could check email during your lesson, we would probably get more use out of the vast amount of content on youtube or download songs from iTunes.

Music Library

Having taught over 20 years, I have compiled an extensive library of music. It has served me well in teaching students songs they are inspired by and match their ability level. I add to it all the time so I’m bound to have something you’d love to play when you arrive.