Welcome to the family!

Over the weekend between lessons and shows, I added to my growing instrument brood. It’s mostly a 1938 Bacon & Day Silver Bell – Serenader tenor banjo. Something this old can’t be expected to have all of it’s original parts. Heck, I have friends younger than this that have a few upgrades in them. Nonetheless, it sounds and plays great thanks to George Youngblood and Brian Wolfe at Acoustic Music in Guilford, CT. I’ll be playing ‘Good News’ at Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam next month and I’m sure they’ll love the fact that I’m playing on a period instrument.

My other banjo is 5-string Gold Tone and I had the pleasure of playing it in Westport at Green’s Farms Church on Sunday. Together with some local pros in the area we played selections from Carol Barnett’s The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass. Nice piece and a great, welcoming place to play. Beat out the fact that needed to be up before dawn after playing the night before on Daylight Savings weekend. No, that’s not complaining, but merely stating the facts. A little Starbucks dark roast and some great musicians can chase away the cobwebs.

Last but not least, Spirit of Broadway’s Convenience opened this week. It’s nice to work with ‘the band’ again. Once we get a sense of the book, it doesn’t take long to tighten it all up. Though once again, I got another book with impossibilities of the guitar. Couple that with ludicrous page turns and I feel like someone out there really wants to make sure I earn my money. ‘Print parts’ does not mean it will be good, people. You’ve got to proof this stuff!

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